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  1. I will buy rare bins

    I requested same thing initially, that he should while money still in escrow account
  2. I will buy rare bins

    I agree, fund your musd, deposit the escrow fund and I show proof on TV if you are really serious
  3. Send me your tg in pm, I will tell you for free how to cashout the wells
  4. Nigerian broke peasant and talkative with imaginary spamming, imaginary transfers and imaginary cashiers is really pissed and depressed I keep exposing his deceitful deceptive lies
  5. Nigerian broke peasant and ripping pig No you don't spam, all you do is LIE IMAGINARY SPAMS, IMAGINARY TRANSFERS, IMAGINARY PROOFS DUMB DECEPTIVE DECEITFUL LYING NIGERIAN MORON where is the imaginary cashier you lied you had?? Fuck off ripping pig and stop wasting people's time with your unlimited stupidity and never ending lies Nigerian broke FAGGOT
  6. You are the hungry starved broke Nigerian peasant and ripping idiot who lied that you showed me an imaginary proof only in your ripping dreams! I ask again ripping faggot! Where in your deceptive deceitful retarded dreams did you show me any proof you lied about ?? So frustrated and exhausted that I exposed your consistent lies, you wish and crave I stop exposing you Sorry pig; never ever happening
  7. Nigerian timewasting idiot!! You did show me where?? You showed me in your dreams?? All you did was talk bullshit and tell different lies! You never ever sent, never showed shit, you consistent dumb brainless Nigerian liar Thread had to be close after I exposed you as a stupid Moron and timewasting kid who can't do shit...where is the imaginary good cashier that cashed out your transfers from your country Nigeria?? CONSISTENT UNRELIABLE UNPROFESSIONAL TIMEWASTER AND LYING MORON
  8. I cash out fullz and profile usa

    Then buy it , cashout and keep 100% kid
  9. Stupid timewasting talkative kid Can't do shit
  10. I will buy rare bins

    I am glad your brainless retarded illiterate head has admitted that you write any stupid thing whatever you need and let me tell you, I expose whatever stupid crap retarded idiots like you write I am just 3 months and already exposing your consistent stupidity and unlimited foolishness!! That shows you are a very slow learner! Add that to the fact you are partially blind and a natural illiterate, then we all can understand how pathetic and depressed your sorry life is
  11. hello brothers i need a loader for zelle % only

    But you want to bother people with upfront transfer